Tuesday, August 20, 2013

L'Astronave Quartermass

Title original: Quatermass and the Pit
Naztion: Gran Bretagna
Year: 1967 Production: HAMMER FILM

Looking for Italian images of a starship (l'astronave), just for fun, 
what? are you suggesting I am avoiding work? tsk, tsk
 I keep turning up these Italian posters for Quartermass films.

I had no idea who Quartermass was. According to Wikipedia, 
Professor Bernard Quatermass is an intelligent and highly moral British scientist, working for the British space programme (?!), created by the writer Nigel Kneale for a BBC sci-fi series in 1953.  

In a 1990s interview, Nigel Kneale said:
"I wanted to write some strong characters, but I didn't want them to be like those horrible people in those awful American science fiction films, chewing gum and stating the obvious. Not that I wanted to do something terribly 'British', but I didn't like all the flag-waving you got in those films. I tried to get real human interest in the stories, and some good humour." 
[italics, mine. You don't think he could have meant the {future} Capt. Kirk, do you?]

The Quatermass Xperiment, a 1955 British science fiction horror film made by Hammer Film Productions, which I have not seen (yet).
Parody version here.

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