Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Make It Doable

I. Doable Networking

I'm still processing my breakup with Facebook. I envy people who can take FB lightly, but that just isn't me.

Still, there's some stuff I want to keep.
Like, when I was facebooking (small "f" for the verb, right? OK--I just small-"g" googled it, and yeah, small "f") ...when I was facebooking, I always shared all owl images to my friend Laura's wall.

I probably won't see as many owls now I'm off FB--owls are popular there--but I want to continue this.

So––Laura? Are you there?–– I found these owls on slim coincidence's tumblr:

I'm loving being back on the blogosphere, after mostly being away for a couple years.
It's changed, eh?
Not sure how, yet, b
ut people have definitely spread out to sites like FB and Tumblr and Twitter, even to Etsy, which leaves here the people who specifically want to blog.

What does that mean now, to want to blog?

For me, blogging grew out of writing [sometimes self-indulgently] long letters and e-mails, and that's what I still want and like. Blogging is a way to indulge myself in writing out loud and not impose it on anyone. (Plus I don't get frustrated if people don't respond in kind, like I used to with private correspondence.)

Facebook felt more like sending the same postcard message to 153 acquaintances, which had its charms. I liked choosing fun pictures and crafting little messages. But reading other people's postcards--well, I felt crankier and crankier, wanting something more.

I really wanted things to work out with me and FB, but with so many networking options, why not use the one that fits me best? 

II. Doable Running

Yeah, why not choose what fits me best, if I have a choice?
Along those lines, I finally came up with a cunning plan for summer jogging:
since I can only run 1 mile before I start to overheat, I now turn around at the half-mile mark (Lyndale) instead of running a whole mile (to Hennepin) and having to walk back feeling kinda bad that I can't go as far as I used to. 

Genius, eh, to do what works?

Then when I get to the wood-chip garden path close to home, I can run some sprints, if I'm up for it.  It's so fun to run fast! knowing I can soon cool off in the shower.

 Me, after a humid jog


poodletail said...

And *that* is the secret to running. Just wait 'til the weather cools off: you might even feel like going the extra mile.

Fresca said...

Thansk, that's what I thought:
in MN, you have to work with the weather, or it will mess you up.
Cool weather ahead!