Monday, July 1, 2013

Hand Writing

I did it.
I deleted my Facebook account. I had to:  my brain would just not stop spinning whenever, to paraphrase xkcd, someone is wrong on Facebook.

I've decided that instead of FBing, I will use up my stash of postcards––some I bought in childhood. 
The first one is below. I bought it this June in Wisconsin Dells. The woman in the souvenir shop told me it's not a reprint--it is from their stock of 1,000s of cards they ordered in decades past.

I miss seeing people's handwriting.
This spring, an anonymous friend sent Marz a Star Trek T-shirt dress. Marz still can't figure out who it was because neither of us can recognize the handwriting. (Was it you???)

In spite of its ominous name, the Demons Anvil holds no terror for the modern day camera fan.
Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Copyright H. H. Bennett Studio

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