Saturday, July 20, 2013

Catching Up with Nathan Fillion: Shakespeare, Zombies, and Beano

I. Much Ado About Nothing

I hadn't seen Nathan Fillion since Firefly (I've not even seen Dr. Horrible--yet--must remedy) ...

... so when he came onscreen in Joss Whedon's delightful Much Ado About Nothing (he's bumbling perfection as the inept constable Dogberry), I wondered, is he wearing a bulletproof vest? 

But no, speaking of heavy horses, boy's got chunky.  But while most of what Dogberry says is nonsense, Fillion can truly say:

The whole movie is terrific!

Macros from dogberry on Tumblr
Nathan Fillion print interview about Much Ado from the Nerdist

II. World War Z
I'm reading the book (haven't seen the movie).

At first I was nonchalant:
Oh, isn't it impressive how the author has pulled off this oral history format, like Studs Terkel. So clever!

Marz asked me if the book was scary, and I said no, it's like a puzzle that's fun to put together.
But last night I read until 2 a.m., and was so agitated I had a hard time getting to sleep.

Looks like Nathan felt the same (Marz added our names yesterday, thinking I would stay cool while she would freak out):

III. And here's Fillion's recipe for Seven Layer Bean Dip, via N.F.'s Twitter, plus some of his comments from NATHAN'S SUPER SECRET LOW-FAT SPACE BEAN DIP :

I would like to share with you all my very special Seven Layer Bean Dip recipe. Get out a pen and paper. Or fave the following-

This will be the Bean Dip of the Gods of song in Dr.Horrible’s COMMENTARY! Ready?

Get yourself a casserole pan or some such big, flat container.

Layer one: Large can of fat free vegetarian refried beans.

Layer two: mix taco seasoning into low fat sour cream and spread over beans.

Layer three: four large diced tomatoes (use your jug dement for adequate coverage.

Layer four: Guacamole. (I use avocados mixed with Herdez mild salsa). Tomatoes will anchor the sour cream layer.

Layer five: one cute little can of diced green chilies. NOT JALAPENOS!! TRUST ME!! Suggest wee flinging through fingers for even spreaddage.

Layer six: one cute little can of black olives. Same technique for spreaddage.

Layer seven: shredded Mexican cheese mix. Or to taste. I use a whole bag.

This is a hearty dip that requires a sturdy tortilla chip, a strong chip like Mission Rounds. Dip is thick- will destroy lesser chips, and will have you “repeating” the next day. Maybe stock up on Beano, too.
Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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