Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My book got recommended in the Horn Book!

Gosh! The Horn Book––a well-respected magazine about books for children and young adults––just put my book on their Recommended Books: Social Issues list, the book I posted about writing a couple years ago (mostly here: networking images), the book that I dedicated to you, "friends in the blogosphere" (sorry, I know I've missed some people...):

The phrase "well-researched text" especially makes me all smirky-happy. Mostly the kids' nonfiction books I've worked on were for a geography series: they just disappear onto school library shelves and are never heard from again (except in kids' reports).

After a couple years away from writing, I'm back at it, researching sanitation history. It feels right to be back, and it's a big boost to have this praise.


The Crow said...

Congratulations, Francesca! You deserve the accolade and the recognition - good for you!

Fresca said...

Thanks, Crow!

LauraB said...

Congratulations, Francesca!!!!
I'm not surprised at all- you worked so hard on that book (& every book)- and you are a talented writer!
Way to go!

poodletail said...

Congratulations, Fresca! What an honor!

deanna rebekah said...

This is so good. So neat to read what they said about YOUR book!