Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Holy Crocodile!: Bee Inspired!

I love seeing images artists draw from, so I'm really enjoying the Artist's Sources series bink has been posting on her blog Holy Crocodile!

She's posting pictures she looked to, to illustrate her new book Holy Crocodile!: Stories of Saints and the Animals Who Helped Them. 

The other day she posted this––one of my oil pastel drawings (from 1995):
"On the wall of my studio is a pastel drawing by my friend, Fresca. It combines a quote from St. Ambrose with images of bees. ..."

I drew it when I was writing my senior thesis, "Saint Ambrose and Death," and I noticed that Theology about the weirdness of gGod sometimes sound like modern Physics.
I'd had no idea she had been inspired by it!

This is the cover of her new book--officially released March 1:
(She used the pen name Caroline Cory.)
If you want your own copy, you can order it at Amazon: Holy Crocodile.


bink said...

Love your bee drawing. It always cheers me. Thanks for the plug!

momo said...

Gorgeous picture! Thanks for the tip about the book--it looks wonderful!

Fresca said...

BINK: I love it too! Thanks for reminding me!

MOMO: bink is giving a public reading at Magers & Quinn on April 7--come along!