Monday, January 28, 2013

Postcard Painting #4: Bedside

I have had a rotten cold (flu?) for three days.
Today I was well enough to get out of bed most of the day, and to paint this.
Have you taken Nyquil?
It is really horrible--left me feeling poisoned, but I took it because coughing was ripping up my throat and lungs, and it does stop that.

Those round objects are clementines, not donuts.


The Crow said...

Hey, you!

Loving your art, Fresca. Do you have a link to the new blog yet?

Laura B said...

I love these paintings! So one CAN make art out of the flu- I think this one is my favorite, though I like them all. A shining example of the fact that 90% of life is just showing up, or in the case of making art, just doing it! (Because I don't hear you speak of yourself as a painter, and I don't think of you as a painter, and here you are, doing really wonderful paintings!
But I'm so sorry you're still ill- I was wondering today if you were good now- let me know when you feel better, which I hope is really soon!

Bianca Castafiore? said...

so sorry, sick artist, but the, uh, clementine on the right is a bagel.

chug that nyquil, chug it!

smooches and wishes for a quick recovery, at which time maybe you can ink in some cream cheese, maybe some lox?

Clair said...

Fresca -- these are delightful. A clear example of "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" -- or better, or more creative, or whatever. I hope you are all better by now!

Fresca said...

Oh, I'm shamefully late in replying to your comments---sorry!

CROW: Thank you! Actually, there isn't a new blog--I had set one up a while ago, thinking I'd make a fresh start, then decided to keep on with this one since, really, there's no escaping oneself. :)

LAURA: RIght! I am NOT a painter, and yet, since I painted these, maybe I am?
Now it is a month later and I am quite well again, thankfully!

BIANCA: Ay-ay-ay, I was thinking donut, but no, you are right: It is a bagel.
But my guideline for myself is not to futz further with the pictures, once I stop. Otherwise I'd endlessly re-do them.
So... no lox, sorry.

CLAIR: Praise from a painter means a lot: thanks!