Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Exercise", by Lucia Nimcova

Oh, oh, oh---this is the sort of documentary I want to make--catching the weird captivation of everyday life, seen just a little askew!

Exercise (Slovakia, 2007), by Lucia Nimcova

Lucia Nimcova - Exercise from on Vimeo.

Nimcova asked people to perform exercises that they used to do at home every morning--following commands on the radio--during the Soviet era.

I love that you can hear her a couple times trying not to laugh (lovingly, it sounds like), from behind the camera.

Nimcova was born in Slovakia, in a small town near the Polish and Ukrainian borders. Since 2000 she has been documenting women in Central and Eastern Europe.

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momo said...

Oh, this is wonderful. My brother and sister went to a hippie high school in the seventies, and their teachers had them do morning exercises, that the kids called their "Chairman Maos".