Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"The Inner Machinery of Spring"

"The Inner Machinery of Spring": collage by me and Marz
Source material The Nissan Pick-Ups Owners Manual


Clowncar said...

nice! I like the source. what is the title quote from?

Laura B said...

I LOVE this picture- AND the title!!

red-handed said...

so much colour!

Bianca Castafiore? said...

it's very weird and i hope you can explain it to moi -- i did not like this, and i am talking after several visits, though it required a good stare each time.

i was kinda stuck at "red-handed"'s "so much colour," which is not, of itself, a criticism. it's a notice of "overwhelming."

so why do i love it today?

some suspicions: the ****title***** -- recalls duchamp... no, more PAUL KLEE! that's it -- you outdid PAUL KLEE (outdid in the sense that you two are alive, and he is not).

i hope you are well.

Fresca said...

For those who asked, the title is from me!

BIANCA: PAUL KLEE!!! I love him!
The title is one of my favorite parts too, being mostly a word person.

The original piece is less overwhelming: it's actually quite small--not much bigger than a hand's span (handspan?) width and length.

ravi said...

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Fresca said...

Hm... Yeah, Ravi, I guess I HAVE "been thinking about the power sources" but not so much about "the tiles whom use blocks."
Thanks for commenting!