Wednesday, February 29, 2012

In Event of Glumness...

And another thing about FB... there's no archive. You can't find the great stuff from way back. Now I'm off FB, I'm reposting some of my favorite mood-lifters here.

Rhino Escape Day:
As part of an escape drill in the event of an earthquake, zoo keepers and police in Tokyo practice capturing a [papier mâché] rhinoceros. (The ears! The tail! They move!)

Meanwhile, athletes face off in a game of hard tackling, bubble-wrap soccer.
(Game starts at 1:15 min.; click on "cc" for English subtitles.)

Laughing Baby, Ripping Paper:
Kid laughs so hard at paper being torn (and guy laughs with baby). 60 million views, so you've maybe seen it:


momo said...

Bubblewrap people!

Fresca said...

Bubblewrap rhino! That's what I really want to see!