Thursday, February 23, 2012

Baby Animals and Green Tea

I've gone cold turkey on FB, am weening myself off caffeine, facing a job search, and learning this new Blogger interface (a minor but weird shift).

On Camino, people agreed it'd taken them about a week to stop composing Facebook updates in their heads. So it makes sense that this morning when I saw these takins (goat-antelopes from the Himalayas) on Momo's wonderful Tumblr, Dumplings, my instant reaction was Must Post on FB.

Baby animals always got the most "likes" of anything on my wall. If I was ever feeling invisible or friendless, I could just upload a picture of one.
Posting lightweight odds and ends was one of the things I liked best about FB.
I was feeling the loss when I remembered, YOU ARE ALLOWED TO BLOG BABY ANIMAL PICTURES.

Meanwhile, I'm crabby because I gave up coffee today.
I've been waking up not wanting coffee and then brewing it up anyway. Yesterday I threw out my last bit of grounds so I can't do that.

I drank green tea, and it's still only 9:20 a.m., so it's not caffeine withdrawal (yet), it's the absence of the bitter-bean, milk-sugary odor texture experience.

Here I am in Santiago, Spain, the end point of the Camino. It's hard to come to the end of something, even if you want it to end.


Marz said...

What do you mean "crabby"?
I have not noticed any of this at all.

Frex, I found a last Jolly Rancher by the couch! Apple. I'm leaving it for you so you can "smell like apple candy", like Captain Kirk. (I bet he smells like apple candy AND coffee, though....)

momo said...

Y U give up coffee???

bink said...

Is the lack of coffee why you aren't blogging every day as promised?

Fresca said...

MARZ: Jolly Rancher. Eaten.
Crabbiness receded somewhat.

MOMO: Honestly, I just haven't wanted coffee for a while, but keep ingesting it automatically anyway. So I thought I'd make a big push to get over the habit, at least temporarily.

BINK: Yes.(Sounds like a good excuse!)