Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tiny Rhino's Moving Advent Calendar, Night 24

Advent ends in 17 minutes, and so my countdown-to-Christmas video Advent calendar closes.
Sleep in heavenly peace, my friends. I know the Tiny Rhino will.


deanna said...

Beautiful. Thanks for the so-creative calendar. We've experienced my son's birthday on the 20th, Christmas with two sets of parents, and my daughter's birthday, today. Now it's time for wine, a chocolate orange, and feet-putting-up. Ahh.

Bianca Castafiore? said...

We're just a few hours away from the traditional celebration of the New Year with random gunfire... Good times, good times, so long as you have something sturdy overhead to catch the falling bullets.

My tone masks my real intent, which is to wish you and yours a fine 2012, full of personal fun and political mayhem, good food and great books, with better visuals, all topped with heavenly blobs of Whipped Kirk...

Love from the Gang at Marlinspike Hall

Fresca said...

I'm glad you liked these, Deanna. Happy birthday to your son!
(Oooh, a chocolate orange--haven't had one of those in ages. WANT.)

BIANCA: Happy New Year to Marlinspike Hall!
(Have you seen the Tintin movie? I haven't. Unsure if I will...)

Blobs of Whipped Kirk. Sigh. We can only dream.

yvette said...

happy new year

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the New Year wishes, Fresca! I am so far this year mostly a ghost of blogging past -- life in the real world a little too engulfing. Best wishes to you though for a fantastic year. Hope your Camino trek was wonderful.