Monday, November 7, 2011

Notes from Camino, I: May 16, 2011



Above left: Margaret/Marz/Marzipan (20 years old)

Above right: me, Fresca/Frex/Baby Rhino (50 years old)

Below: Lucinda/bink/Wooly [Mammoth] ("Don't Stop Walking")

[First E-MAIL from along the Camino de Santiago, northern Spain]

On Monday, May 16, 2011, Fresca wrote:

Hello Everybody!

We are near Estella, having café con leche and bizcucho (sponge cake) for breakfast in a little bar below the albergue, both run by José Ramon, who is very kind (muy simpatico).

I don't even have any blisters.

[Café in Pamplona]

Here's some stuff people said that I've been writing down.

From Naomi, a French woman we met on the road, who has given herself a year to do things she's always wanted to do:
"I was walking the Camino as part of my year of dreams, and I decided to extend the year to my entire life."
Quote from me, explaining the gifts of the road:
"When you need a bobby pin, a bobby pin appears ... or not."

Quote from Margaret (Marz):
"I just want to explore, then lie down, explore then lie down."
No quote from bink (Lucinda) yet, but I could show you a drawing she did of me (as a Gorn) stealing cheese from the refrigerator in the Obanos albergue in the middle of the night.

@ANNIKA---we are on time to meet you in Santiago, so far!

My brain doesn't remember how to write online anymore, so adios for now!

Buen camino!
Francesca/Fresca (Baby Rhino, my name from Marz)
ABOVE: Sheila, Marz, Buddy, me airing my toes, and Estelle (discussing William Shatner's peculiar pinky finger?), the first serendipitous group to form.

We met Sheila on the bus from Pamplona to Roncesvalles, where we started the walk.
Buddy & Estelle were walking the Camino for their 7th time, I think. They told me my introduction--"Hi, I'm writing a short story about the apocalypse"--was the most brilliant opening line they'd heard on the road.
All photos by bink (unless she's in the photo, in which case it was probably by me).

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bink said...

We condemned the cheese thievery... but actively ate the cheese. In fact I think it keep us afloat a few days. If only it had been that lovely goat cheese... ah, I'd like some of that right now.

Fresca said...

Heh. Tho it was Gouda...

bink said...

Yeah, that cheese was Gouda... and not something I would bother stealing--though I ate it. But remember there was a lovely goat cheese we bought around the same time... that would be worth stealing.

Fresca said...