Saturday, July 16, 2011

What is this blogging thing?

I miss blogging but haven't been able to get traction to really get started again. I came out to Bob's today at noon intending to blog then did everything but for six hours.
Including posting some Camino pics (post below)--which, while fun, doesn't count as blogging for me.

Also watched for the nth time Justin Bieber's catchy pop tune "U Smile". His performance fascinates me--what IS it?(Song starts at 1:03.)

I shall try blogging again tomorrow. Hm. Or maybe not, since tomorrow is the Women's World Cup final. USA v. Japan.
Starring the amazing goalkeeper Hope Solo. (Yes, she is related to Han).
photo from Nike's "Make Yourself" series, by Annie Liebovitz


yvette said...

glad you're blogging again.(ot.did you see the last lines on my blog is always in english so you don't have to translate?)

great pics

poodletail said...

Justin Bieber! Who knew?? I like this song a lot.

femminismo said...

Well, this photo makes me rethink the fitness of the goalkeeper. I was wondering yesterday while watching (yes, the entire game) if they were as fit as the other members who run all the time. haha. Put that wondering behind me! Love the story about the woman offering you a can of soup. I'm due for one of those too, since I go around peeling things up from parking lots!

momo said...

Remember this?
"puppy love"

Lill said...

Can't blog because you're mentally still on Camino?

Sorry, not with you on Justin B., though much to my surprise Frank is!

Love the Camino pics--am happy to have them until "real" blogging resumes.

Here's a weird computer infiltration thing--I just shopped a website right before checking your blog. Then, a banner advertising that website popped up at the bottom of the JB video! Somehow it bothers me more than seeing websites I've shopped advertised in the sidebar of Facebook. Your blog has been invaded!