Saturday, June 18, 2011

Notes from Camino: Santiago, June 18, 2011

Fresca to [father], Saturday, June 18, 201

Four minutes left here on the computer at the ciber cafe in Santiago--
-just to say we GOT HERE and are staying at the same old Seminario Major we stayed in last time--
they added a swank reception area and lounge and charge a lot more but the rooms are the EXACT SAME old monastic cells!
Complete with ONE fluorescent light and peeling paint.
Charming, nonetheless, and NO BEDBUGS. 69 euros for three people....
...... includes breakfast (continental)---PERFECT location tho---across from the Cathedral!

We meet our friends from Sweden and Finland tonite on the Cathedral steps about 7 pm.
bink has planned a 5-day walking route to Finisterre for us ---the longest day is only 18 km, the shortest is 12 km, so it should be very doable, even tho some of it is quite hilly.

All is well----it´s a bit rainy here but fairly warm.

Did I say, Marz is coming home with us?!
She lives in a tiny Oregon town and is desperate to move, and we both LOVE her,
so we said, hey, come try Minneapolis!
She will sleep on my couch until she can find a place.

She is 20 and looks very young----the Spanish keep calling her chico and pequeno, thinking she is a teenage boy (her hair is very short).
One guy asked if she was my hijo [son].
Flustered, I said, ¨no, hijA¨¨.... too confused to say of course she is neighter, simply an amiga.

Off to eat doner kabob for lunch---we are all desperate for anything non-Spanish.
(bink and Marz did eat pulpo [octopus], but I just couldn't face it.)

36 sec left.
LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
big hugs and kisses,

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