Friday, April 15, 2011

Camino Packing

We leave on Camino three weeks from this Sunday.
I'm doing a trial packing run, wishing I'd kept a list of what I took last time. I think I have pretty much everything I need...
I'll make a list once I've got it all set.

Indispensables: something warm (sleeping bag) for albergues; something to carry water (Platypus water pouch with drinking tube); sun hat.
Optional: hiking pole (last time I used a stick I found, but since I got a generous REI gift card for my birthday, I splurged).

I'm pondering if I should cut my hair. It'll be a pain to wash in the sometimes-cold trickling shower water, but it'll keep me warm if it gets cold at night in the mountains.
Decisions, decisions.
I have a little Swiss Army knife--could always cut it on the road.


Ginga Squid said...

Have a fab trip!
I would leave your hair long - I find it much easier on these sorts of adventures. If you are hot you can tie it up (and out of the way for showering). Can also tie it up if its looking manky - and its not so obvious!
V x

Manfred Allseasons said...

I'll be in Paris when you are in dont forget to wave...oh I forgot! Those damned pyrenees!

I shall stand on a chair...

Marz said...

pesky but it's killing me:
what is the metal-ish hose on the wall?

Fresca said...

GINGA: Thank you! You said what I wanted to hear.

MANFRED: I shall wave at you when I'm at O Cebreiro, the Camino's highest point (I think)--we were there in July 2001 and it was so high it was freezing cold!

MARZ: That is part of a spaceship in a yet-to-be-filmed movie of mine!
I think it's originally for stoves or electrical parts or something--I found it in the alley trash.