Saturday, March 5, 2011

I have work to do in my next 50 years...

It's funny. Most of my life I've looked to the past to understand who I am; but at this 50th birthday, I feel the past as a drag that must be cut loose in order to move into the future.
I don't, of course, mean denying the past, but simply letting it stream away, like water streams off a swimming otter.

And now, for the future...
I must write something worthy of the praise in this macro.
THANK YOU, Mortmere!!!
Not just for this insanely flattering birthday message but for reminding me I'm not alone in feeling low about a midlife birthday. I was carrying some load of rubbish about how I should display perfect equanimity about it, but now I'm reminded Kirk didn't (how did I ever forget this???), I have cosmic permission to mope.

Actually, I woke up happy today, but this made me waaaay happier. It sorta even kinda feels like the best of times...


[In case you don't know, the original scene is Spock giving an antique copy of A Tale of Two Cities to Kirk for his unspecified (shall we say 50th?) midlife birthday, in ST II: The Wrath of Khan.]


Anonymous said...

HAPPY 50th sistah Fishele!

Mortmere, what a tribute!

Lovin' ya to the Dickens in the twin Cities!



bink said...

Spock's last line of course, after the "you are doing fine, Jim, just fine"... is "if only you'd lose the toupee".

Hat's off to Mortmere and the captain for recognizing your brilliance!

And Happy Birthday again!

B of the A said...

That is absolutely wonderful.

Nope, there's nothing else in my brain right now. Beautiful.

Lee said...

Good stuff.

I'm confident the next fifty are going to kick the first fifty's ass.

Time to shoot your old life out in a torpedo casing so it can land on Genesis to be reborn.

Happy G-day Francesca!

Anonymous said...

YIKES! NOW I can see what Bink did with photo shop or whatever..Excellent job, Bink. Yesterday, I was looking at this too fast and didn't see Fresca in the ENTERPRISE!

hAppy Trails!

Jennifer said...

That is just plain the most adorable thing ever! And yes, Jim didn't take adding birthdays well at all, in many different places! So you're in excellent company, Fresca...

Fresca said...

Thanks everybody!
Fifty is being great, now that I'm over the bumpy transition.