Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy New Year! Neighborhood 365 Project

Happy New Year!
It's Lunar New Year, ushering in the year of the rabbit.

The nearby Vietnamese shops are closed, like this one with its lucky peach blossoms I photo'd last night.
I shot it as part of a new project I launched last night with my neighbor Esther and a guy named Joe we just met:
a collective effort to post one photo a day, for a year, of the neighborhood.

It's a mix of photojournalism and blogging.
Ideally we'll have 7 people, one to cover every day of the week, but I figured if we just launched the project, they'll show up...

Joe is from neighboring Phillips, so the blog is called
Phillips + Whittier 365

We met at a meeting hosted by the photographers who have been doing Powderhorn 365 for a couple years now. A show of their 2010 project (their 2nd year) is up at Vine Arts, which got written up in Star Tribune article.
A friend of mine is part of that group, and that's what inspired me.

I'd like to write more about it, but I've got to write an index, so adieu for now.
May showers of lucky blossoms carpet your path this year!


Lill said...

I'm looking forward to this! I checked out the Powderhorn 365. Art sledding! Sometimes I miss Mpls.

Anonymous said...

Excellent composition. I just wanna walk right in there and buy some kumquats!