Monday, January 24, 2011

"I'd Fight Shatner."

Brilliant Fight Club-inspired T-shirt design, by midgerock. The original has the quote "Shatner. I'd fight William Shatner." on it.

Any my own macro---I figure if anyone would/should fight Shatner, it would be Nichelle Nichols. (Yeah, George Takei is the more obvious choice, but I think the presence of some glimmer of affection would make a Uhura-Kirk fight better.)

Photo from the 2010 celebrity roast of Shatner.

See also Fight Club rules set to Star Trek.


Lill said...

Glad to see Nichelle is still beautiful. This pic lured me to search images of her on Google. Classy lady.

Margaret said...

When I'm rich - as in, when they finally start paying me for all the publicity I give Shatner - that shirt is one of the things I'm buying.
I will buy many shirts at that point.

Shatner vs. Hemingway

Clowncar said...

I went to college with the guy who wrote the script (not the novel; though I bet Chuck P would be alotta fun). I thought it went a little off the tracks at the end.

I love ow the Gorn is always front and center with you Trekkies/Kirkies.

Jennifer said...

I agree with Lill, my first thought was that Nichols looked fantastic there. On the whole, all of the surviving members of that cast have a unique sort of panache to them, in my mind. The hard-fought inner beauty that comes from coming to grips with who you are. I've never seen Fight Club, but what I've read strikes me as very Shatneresque in the way I feel Shatner is always wrestling with his own image, pinning it into submission, potentially doing some inventively loving/obscene things to it.

Fresca said...

LILL: I got my picture taken with her in 08, and I can report she really is that good looking in the flesh too.

MARZ: It's good I don't know photoshop, of I'd spend all my time doing manips of people fighting Shatner.

CLONS: What do you mean, FC "Went a little off the tracks at the end"?
You mean, compared to the book?
I read a synopsis and the endings are slightly different, but I thought the movie's was good--horrifyingly like the OK City bombing...

I'm not sure why we all love the Gorn best--I mean, why not the Mugato or some other rival? I must think about this.

JENN: And that "hard-fought inner beauty that comes from coming to grips with who you are" is even more beautiful when who you are is a B-actor in a failed TV show that fantastically became a hit. Embracing that with grace takes panache, all right.
Is that parlty why we love Shatner: he gives us the OK to be OK with our own mediocrity?
(Not sure...)

Loving/obscene things---THAT IS IT.

Clowncar said...

It's a good movie; I just thought the denouement of Tyler Durden true identity was a little ham-handed.

fresca said...

CLOWN: Oh, yeah, I totally agree! In fact, I was surprised at how clunky the "we're the same person" scene was.
It was as bad as Spock overly explaining in "The Enemy Within" how the "good" Kirk is sensitive but weak and the "bad" Kirk is a bully but decisive. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz