Saturday, December 4, 2010

Star Trek Rap

Of course. It's the law:
If it exists, there's Trek of it. [Subset of Rule 34.]

From Apropos of Something

Star Trek Rap - 99 Problems but a BREACH ain't one!

"Star Trek parody of the Jay Z song "99 Problems" by J. Marcus Xavier.
Original Lyrics from REDDIT

Jay-Z: "I got 99 problems, but a b--ch" ain't one.
Warning: includes reference to dog fighting (mild, but still)


Emma J said...

I think your law may well be true and wouldn't be surprised if future ages end up calling us the Age of Enterprise and not just because of multinationals and madvertizing and the gross consumer ethic. [the word verif seems to agree - "undeedu"]

btw, I do love your quote about sophisticated apes / angels. I read it often and it always makes me think and opens up wide spaces. There is a palindromish quality to it as it works in my mind because of course by asserting we are merely apes (which no ape would do) we sneakily argue on the side of the angels. Predicament, puzzlement, conundrum, don't you love being human?

Fresca said...

EMMA: The Age of Enterprise, yeah!

I love that quote too. Maybe angels ARE sophisticated apes. I do love being human. Usually.

Chris David Richards said...

The Star Trek Rap's great.

'Sir, do you know why we used the tractor beam?'