Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hopeful Otter

I bought this otter in Santiago, Spain, at the end of the Camino in 2001.

I'd wanted to go ever since I saw Buñuel's film The Milky Way (1969) a long time ago.

Yesterday I wrote well on The Book.
Just have to keep doing that, like putting one foot after the other.


momo said...

Great to hear you had a good writing day!
I think I mentioned to you that I saw The Milky Way? in Ashland, Oregon when my high school class went to the Shakespeare festival, lo, these many years ago, probably 1973. Favorite moment: Jansenist dueling the Jesuit ("God is One!" "No, Three!").
Cruel? Oui!....et Non!

femminismo said...

What an odd film if the trailer is any indication. Is that the *real* trailer, or one made up by someone else? Ah, well, perhaps Ashland will produce it again and I can go see. Glad you got some writing done. Someone, somewhere, alone in a room with a pencil scratching, envies you.

Margaret said...

This one's on YT too!
The future is now!


Fresca said...

MOMO: My favorite line: "I believe it because it is absurd." (Tertullian?)

FISMO: Great question--it is the real movie trailer.

MARZ: Isn't that cool? Instant movies... what a dream come true. When I rewatched this one a couple years ago, however, I didn't like it.