Friday, November 5, 2010

Little Orange Alien Surfer Guy

My favorite of the comments people displayed on the DVD to ART "Wailing Wall Quilt":

"Ignore alien orders." --Joe Strummer (from The Clash)

I'd taken this photo one evening while bink was finishing "The Wave."
Naturally I always have some little plastic guy on hand; but I don't obey them.


ArtSparker said...

Like the color choice.

momo said...

Yes! Joe Strummer! I got to see the Clash in SF back in the day.

I have to show you a birthday gift I just received (include 1 little alien guy!)

Margaret said...

Rules for Life:

Ignore alien orders.

Wear the T-shirt you choose.

Return to the heart which you have removed.

More Shatner.


Di said...

Don't trust anyone under 50.
--Abby Normal

bink said...

How do you know that little alien isn't using mind control on you already? That's what I want to know.