Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One of these things...

More similarities between the mid-century design of starships and museums: one of these things is NOT Star Trek.
[IDENTIFICATION in comments]

As always, Star Trek screencaps from


Fresca said...

The center image shows the Rothko Chapel in Houston, TX, designed by Mark Rothko in 1963-1967.

Top and bottom images, of course, show interiors of the starship Enterprise, from Star Trek.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Where's the bishoprick's homophobic CD design? I thought it'd be the second pic after the ST 1960s design--in the original or the turquoise wash?! Everything can be reduced to its origins in 1960s ST design--from the Jewish artist dzined chapel in a museum to a homophobic bishop's techno-rantings' packaging to a little pale turquoise diaphragm-shaped candy with a tiny fortune scrolled up inside that I still have from last early spring or so...from the pudgy fingers of the complacently- wedded who hold the constrictures of heterosexism in place to the eye of a potential faux-celestial storm, everything boils down to its ST dzine elements!

Was at Yiddish table with Judith and L. M. among many others yesterday, BTW.

Love and Dreams to Reality!


aleph said...

who made who, i wonder in this sense, Lloyd Wright´s architecture is previous to science fiction´s starships. i think calighari is behind all this stuff. nice to think!

Margaret said...

Looks like the Enterprise under a different captain. Not as approachable, (but very beautiful, in a spine-bristling way).

Fresca said...

STEF: Gotta give the archbp a rest. Is that turquoise candy for moi? : )

Wright was earlier than the Enterprise, true, but starships have been in design since HG Wells, at least.
But surely you're right--modern design begins with the generation of Caligari and Friends. I posted about Bauhaus and Star Trek design a while ago too.

MRET: Hm. I wonder what that captain would be like. Someone cooler, more linear, more rational yet mystical, someone more like ... Spock?