Saturday, October 30, 2010


A 19 seconds micromovie:
bink (left) & Fresca leap for joy in front of bink's DVD to ART sculpture, The Wave. (And the Wailing Wall Quilt in the background.)

Song: "Stand," by R.E.M.

bink's Artist Statement, posted on the wall by the art and on her DVD to ART blog:

The Wave

Artist: Lucinda Naylor,
in collaboration with two thousand households

Media: Repurposed DVDs

These discs originally carried a divisive message sent in the name of the Catholic Church, seeking to block the civil rights of same-sex couples. I say sent in the name of the Church, but not the Church I know. The Church I know is inclusive, not exclusive.

For fifteen years, as artist-in-residence at the Basilica of Saint Mary, I used whatever materials I could scrounge from a budget-strapped liturgical department to create art for all the seasons of the church year. When I heard about these DVDs, I thought, “Free art materials! I’ll turn them into art.”

I put out a call on Facebook, asking people to donate their DVDs to my project. I called it DVD to ART.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

The first DVD arrived in a bag of bagels. People slid DVDs through my mailbox, passed them to me in the pews, threw them into collection boxes outside several churches. They sent them to Return The DVD with notes saying, “Turn me into art.” Church workers passed them along, laughingly, “under cover of night”. Over and over, I heard, “Thank you for changing this message into one of love.”

Some DVDs came broken, scratched, written on: “Return to sender, offensive material.” “Not in my name.” “You are not alone.” 

Repeatedly they quoted Jesus: 
“Love one another, as I have loved you.”

Thank you to everyone who passed along a DVD.

The Wave is about the Spirit of inclusion and love, which is sweeping though the Catholic Church as it continues to change, as usual, from the people up to the hierarchy.

[end artist's statement]


Margaret said...

Oh my land (oml); the preparatory side-scuttling - like puppies in a box.

But forgive me . . .


("The first DVD arrived in a bag of bagels" would be such a story opening.)

Margaret said...

*ohgod excuse me: HEEL-CLICK not HEAL-CLICK . . . anything but the HEAL-CLICK! Takes me back to watching Benny Hinn push people down on channel 22. What strength! A finger to the forehead and BAM.

(captcha: uckno: variant of omgno: to be included in an st macro guest-featuring Benny and the sacred heal-click. 3rd season ftw.)

yvette said...


tears from laughing


Fresca said...

MERTZ: You know who's really good at side-scuttling? Captain Kirk! He perfected it dashing from rock to rock, for cover.

The heel-click would have looked great, you're right; but, see, this was an interpretive dance, and I was trying to be wavelike.
(Full disclosure: In fact, I was just so tired, I'm amazed I could get off the ground at all.)

There's a heel-click at the end of my movie "Orestes and the Fly"--spontaneous on the part of Sascha (Orestes).

I am not much acquainted with the heal-click. Reading about Puritans this past week I realize (again) how little I know about Protestant culture & faith.
Its world view is really--really--different than Catholicism's.

YVETTE: kiskis to you! I laughed too!