Monday, October 25, 2010

Exhausted by Art

I'm exhausted--got home at midnight having spent twelve hours helping bink (below, right) with her DVD to ART project.
Twenty-some people came and stitched four hundred cardboard DVD covers into squares this afternoon, then bink & I made them into a quilt and and hung it on the 12-foot-high wall.
Whereupon several squares threatened to fall apart and we spent the evening doing emergency surgery.

There'll be paper and pens for people to write out hopes, dreams, prayers and tuck them into the DVD pockets, like people tuck prayers into the chinks of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.

Thank-you to all who sent yarn, ribbons, and shoelaces.
The wall really looks great. The main event will be the sculpture bink's making out of the DVDs, but I think the wall is maybe just as cool.

If you're in town, come for the opening reception!
It's this Friday, October 29.


yvette said...

i reallyreally wish I could be there
it looks so great
from standing on the street asking for cd's till here..great

ArtSparker said...

Glad it went well...Looking forward to seeing the finished project~

momo said...

woo woo! I can't wait to see the finished wall, and the DVD sculpture as well on Friday.
Your piece looks very cinematic and wavey. It was great to be able to contribute a little bit.

Clowncar said...

This project makes me smile every time I click into your blog. It makes me optimistic about art, the church, politics on a neighborhood level.

Thank you, and thank you to bink, for doing it.

Random Dent said...

You look really happy. This kind of work suits you :-)

Lill said...

Hooray for DVD to ART!! bink, Maura, Francesca, everyone who contributed and helped, YOU ARE MY HEROINES/HEROES! Can't wait to come to the opening!

Fresca said...

Hey, everybdoy: I wish you could ALL be here!

CLOWN: People have been so great about this, from handing over their DVDs to bringing bink soup, the whole makes me optimistic about humans in general.
We WANT to do good, anyway, even if we all too often do the opposite.

femminismo said...

Wish I could be there! Look for me in "spirit," and yes, that's a pun for Halloween.