Sunday, October 17, 2010

Casting the Movie (In Which bink Takes on the Sheriff of Nottingham)

Who should play the leads in a Robin Hood version of bink's DVD to ART project?
That's what I was left wondering after reading the Washington Post article "Of Bully Pulpits and Bully Bishops".

[Gulp. The Wash-f*ing-ington Post!]

This is my favorite article yet about the DVD to ART project because the author, Anthony Stevens-Arroyo, starts off talking about movies:
As a Catholic, he says, he always resented the movie cliché of bishops dining at the king's table while ignoring starving peasants.
But, he goes on to say
I don't know if John Nienstedt, the Archbishop of St. Paul, Minnesota, has succumbed to this temptation [to sell out for power and money], but if you substitute "same sex marriage" for "rights to hunt deer in Sherwood Forest" you'd have enough for a movie.
A movie! There's an idea!
And then he discusses bink and Father Michael Tegeder, the guy I wrote a thank-you letter to the other day, and wraps up by asking,
"Where is Friar Tuck when we need him?"

Well, now. Obviously Fr. Tegeder is Friar Tuck, the church representative.

And bink?
A Robin Hood fan from early childhood, when she wore her under-shirt and -pants over her clothes so her clothes would look like his, bink said she always liked Wil Scarlett, Robin Hood's dashing, daring side-kick. He's a bit of a shape-shifter: sometimes he's cast as a fashionable young man, sometimes as a far darker and older character.

Who should play these roles?
I had to think.... oh, about 10 seconds.

I've never met Tegeder, but Jeff Bridges (left) is my kind of Friar Tuck.

And a grown-up, female Will Scarlettt couldn't be anybody but Judy Davis (above, right). Unless she was Cate Blanchett.

Naturally the Sheriff of Nottingham is Alan Rickman (above, left) reprising his role in the otherwise lame Kevin Costner vehicle, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

And the archbishop?
We shall just have to resurrect Charles Laughton.


Margaret said...

Now who do we know of with a friar-belly and a fondness for archery?

I first saw the Disney version, so I'll ever think of Robin Hood as an orange fox.

Anyway, MTM!

Wow. Satan's sister? I dunno, but it's a cool sound.

ArtSparker said...

Congratulations to Bink...

Jef Bridges was always a good-lloking man, but at the rate he's going, he's going to positively blinding when he's 90...

femminismo said...

Have you seen the picture Mary Ellen Marks took of Jeff Bridges? O.h. m.y. gosh! Check it on with Google. In the meantime, I think Judy Davis is fantastic, Alan Rickman is lovely for anything - so you're on the right track. Let me know if you need any chicken feathers for the potion to resurrect charles Laughton. I can get them. The burning smell is well knowns to raise the dead.

yvette said...

oooh Jef Bridges


poodletail said...

Tim Curry (c.1975) as the archbishop. We know what's under that alb.

Lill said...

Judy Davis would be PERFECT for bink! I've always loved her (both of them).

Fresca said...

MRET: WFS! But, naw, not quite right for a friar.

SPARKER: His hair is aging especially well.

FISMO: Thanks for the Marks pix.

Hi, Yvette!

POODLE: OMG, yes!!!
You nailed it!

LILL: As they age, they even look a bit like each other.

bink said...

Oliver Platt gets my vote for the good friar.