Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Captain Kirk Academy for the Pursuit of Excellence Award of the Week

C-KAPE honors bink for her DVD to ART project, transforming DVDs carrying a message against same-sex marriage into sculpture.

(The "All ur [X] are belong to us" phrase is a Janglish lolcat netspeak phrase from a translation of a Japanese animation that rendered "all your bases now belong to us" into "all your base are belong to us.")


ArtSparker said...

Us can has DVD.

bink said...

Yeah! Yeah! All ur DVD is mine!

Margaret said...

All your "all your x are belong to us" are actually belong to us.

(btw: that bit of Song of Sol. about pomegranite cheeks - this screencap of Captain belongs there, amirite?)

*amirite - fannish for 'am I right?'; usually seen in caps, LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE IN FANSPEAK GODDAMN

Fresca said...

SPARKY: with cheezburger?

BINK: w00t!

MRET: ur rite.
Now I have to set Song of Solomon to Star Trek... ("his teeth are like sheep!") Please do it first and I won't have to.
(Not that I don't want to! But I am supposed to work!)

"all your dvd.." s/b in all caps (WITH SPARKELS GODDAMN), but the blackletter font made it unreadable.