Monday, September 27, 2010

bink, and her little dog too!

Here's bink talking on TV news about her DVD to ART Project. (More info in post below.) That's her little dog Joop running around!

Here's where to send/drop off the archbishop's DVD, if you get one: DVD to ART

I had to miss a big-screen showing of the 1956 Invasion of the Body Snatchers to see this on TV. I whined a little about that ("why couldn't they air your story tomorrow?"), but it was worth it.
And the themes are eerily similar. Life forms that turn people into mindless drones... "They're here! They're here!"Kevin McCarthy and a Space Pod. Via this review.


femminismo said...

A "stunt"? Did I hear the newscaster's question correctly? Not very well put, methinks. Bink (bink?) is well spoken. Fifteen years in the position and now gone? Oh, dear! Can't wait to see what she does with the DVDs however. Keep us posted.

Fresca said...

Yeah, a "stunt." Sounds bad, but the back story, is that bink (yes, small "b") had stressed to the reporter that her art project is NOT just an issue of gay rights but a larger issue of spirit-infused justice for all.
So she thinks the reporter asked the anchorwoman to pose that question, so she could refute it.

I'm eager to see what she does too! It'll depend, of course, partly on how many she gets.

momo said...

I watched it, too! I thought the piece itself was very respectful, so the "stunt" question was jarring, but it did function to allow the reporter to underline bink's motivation.
I didn't realize there was a companion collection site! yay, bink!

Fresca said...

MOMO: I think the "stunt" question expresses what a lot of people were thinking, so I agree, it allowed the reporter to clarify.

Margaret said...

Go Go Go!

(Yes, very "Invasion of the BS"...."must warn others")

Go Go Go!
I am so excite to see this Good Thing unfold.

Anonymous said...


Wow, you must be very political, Frescadita, and/or love Bink so much that you would forgo such an important event. I watched the news clip early this a.m. and started cussin' when that other FoXnazi reporter said "'stunt' for gay marriage" I also angrily wondered if she meant to say "stump". Oh, well! to be a clownof god/dess, hence of righteous/(Lefty-ous--sorry, couldn't resist! Actually, I do resist, all the time, but that's another thing...) acts, well, one should perform as many stunts and/or stumps and/or steps as possible before leaving the Planet! Yay for courageous stunts and anti-mindlessness!

Didja notice how Bink's actions and commentary really framed the evil actions of the church papas?

En las Luchas!


Fresca said...

MRETS: Must warn others. : )

STEFALALA: You know I'm not very political, usually, so it must be friendship. But she owes me.
Next week I am NOT missing "The Invisible Man" no matter what.