Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Star Trek & '60s Design, #20: Tight Trousers and High Heels

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The [Partial] Genealogy of the Star Trek Heeled Boot for Men

In the early 1960s, the Beatles wedded the Victorian-era riding boot, called the Chelsea Boot (left) to the Flamenco Boot (right), with its high Cuban heel.

Their offspring was the Beatle boot.

I can't find anything on the subject, but it looks like Beatle boots hooked up with some high-top boots (riding boots? wrestling boots? go-go boots?) to produce Starfleet's uniform boots for men.

The Beatles' pants were also scandalously tight, for the era.

Captain Kirk (1966) runs into A Hard Day's Night (1964).

The Beatles and Kirk Twist and Shout (1963).

Below: The Boots, wrapped around Khan (Ricardo Montalban), in the episode "Space Seed."

In answer to a query, yeah, they're really functional boots--you can see the captain pulling them back on in "Wink of an Eye," after going to bed with Deela.

And, finally, while we're on the subject: Kirk's "Boots of Sex" by Brittany Diamond.

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As always, Star Trek screencaps from TrekCore.com. Thanks!


bink said...

On Kirk they are definitely Go-Go boots!

ArtSparker said...

You can see from whence the adjective "dashing" derived.

femminismo said...

Too funny! Mixing and matching is your great skill! Hmm. Shatner's legs wrapped around another guy's neck. Now that's high style wrestling! haha I guess that was part pun because they are up off the floor. Hey, thanks for the book on the Netherlands. There are many, many amazing facts in there. Such fun to get free treats in the mail. Let me return the favor. My husband threw away the envelope with your address. E-mail me, okey dokey??

Margaret said...

Sweet finds!
Kirk and Flamenco!