Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Super Elite Groceries

Oh man, am I glad to be back. I've been over on Facebook, learning the ways of that tribe.

Here I am jumping for joy in front of one of my favorite signs in the city. In full it reads, "SUPER ELITE GROCERIES". It's the sort of place you'd go at 2 a.m. to buy your lottery ticket and your Mountain Dew.

Actually, I'm jumping to get into the frame--the only place to set my camera was on a newspaper box, and the angle was tight. It took a few tries, and I felt a bit of an idiot jumping up and down by myself on a street corner, but, see, I'm that happy to be back in the 'hood.


Margaret said...

I love that extremely.

I was also taking jumping pictures today in public. With a dismantled globe, none the less. A man was walking his dog.)

What I would like to see:
a video of someone battling with self-timer.
Or at least a picture of the tower of books/boxes/whatever's at hand the camera sat on.

Happy you're back in the 'hood, fReSkA.

Anonymous said...

Hey! When all my family fru-frah is over...can I come for an overnight p. j. party and we can go over to the Super Elite at 3 a. m. and keep each other safe and silly and buy that stuff and do they sell moon-pies!?
I'm loopy, now. Semi-productivity and almost at midnight mini Milky Way Midnight bars are a perfect drug for this sticky midsummer/west heat!

love ya in the hood and Anywheres!


femminismo said...

Fresca, thanks for your comment. I am reworking the colors and think it's more readable now. Doing the transparent background just wasn't feasible. Sounded good, but didn't look good. I love you jumping into the picture. A new take on the "jump photos" that's for sure. Take good care on your landings! xx00xx - Jeanne

Fresca said...

MRET: OK, good idea! One day I shall set up my video camera to record me battling with my still camera's self-timer.

STEF: Moon pies! It's a date, the next full moon.

FISMO: You surely know Philippe Halsman's jump photos?

Clowncar said...

Facebook is fun, particularly those first exhilarating few weeks when you connect with people you haven't talked to for decades. Awhile awhile it becomes Just One More Damn Thing I've Gotta Do.

Do a jump photo in front of the Band Box! Please? Pretty please?

Anonymous said...

Yo! Frescadita! Y'know when you film yourself filming yourself, then you'll haveta write a post about blogs which include material about films that contain references to other films... but that post will have a peculiar personal flavor of Fresca by then because it'll be self-referencing. What would Wlad call this: a kind of post- meta-reference?!

hey! If ya do end up doing a Bandbox setting can I help out or be in a shot, too? In honor of Clowncar, since he usedta run the place and since I may never do Facebook? Is this acceptable cyber-etiquette? I hope so! If not, just write me off as a cyber-nebish and don't forget to wire me and my familia a few hundred bucks to that still undisclosed w. u. office, which, I'd like to imagine would be somewhere in the radius of the Londerland you so frabjously described in the post you wrote just after this one. I'm all topsy turvy with what time it is and who's on first and trying to figure out which way water runs down people's drains, cuz my Aussie in-laws just arrived.

Love and Vegemite Sandwidges!

Your teeny hiatus form blogging has

Fresca said...

CLOWN: I have e-mailed Stef to set a date to do the Band Box, like a journalistic duo from National Geographic.
Probably not for a week or so as she is innundated with Aussies...
(Right, "another thing to do" sums FB up.)

STEF: "Interfilmic references" I've heard that called.
Perhaps YOU could photograph me filming myself while I photography myself at the Bandbox!

Clowncar said...

Excellent! An anthropological expedition into the heart of Eliot Park by Fresca and Stefalala. I look forward to it.

I loved that neighborhood. Left a tiny bit of my heart there, I think.