Saturday, July 17, 2010

Reflections in a Mirrored Eye

I asked bink what she'd choose to photograph in town, and she said, "Alleys." So we walked our bikes through the alley, taking photos for a possible series.
And a couple for my Self-Portraits in Unexpected Mirrors series.


ArtSparker said...

Ramachandran is quite an interesting character...

Krista said...

Say, have you heard about the Mirror Project? It's been going on for some years now and is huge-ish: . Might be something for your book.

Margaret said...

As they say in fan:

Weird how you can go almost anywhere and have your reflection thrown at you;
you'd have to go far far away to be where you don't see yourself.

We don't have those cyclops reflectors here, but they were everywhere in Japan; the possibilities - without end!

Fresca said...

SPARK: I never heard of Ramachandran until I came across this quote. I'll have to listen more closely to waht he says.

KRISTA: Thanks! No I didn't know that group. I'm not really conversant with Flickr.

MARET: So many shiny surfaces in our world... Weird to think of past times when there were very few.
I wonder why those mirrors were popular in Japan.
I don't see them often here either.

ArtSparker said...

I have a quote of Ramachandran's, about synesthesia, about a foot away from me now. He studies neurological disorders and worked out a method of dealing with phantom limb syndrome in amputees (involving the use of mirrors). The book I'm thinking of is Phantoms in the Brain.

bink said...

Like these.