Friday, July 2, 2010

Red Card!

What do I know about sports? Nothing. But even I have this one figured out:
Don't stamp on your opponent front of the referee.

You could use these 11 filmed seconds of such a stamping (below) to teach psychology or theology,
they so beautifully capture a demonstration of our all-too-human capacity to act against our own best interests.
(Listen to the reporter's comment: "That is..." you feel he wanted to finish, "one stupid fuck.")
The Brazilian stamper was red-carded (thrown out of the game, with no replacement allowed), and the Netherlands sailed on to win.

"Brazil's Felipe Melo Stamps on Arjen Robben of the Netherlands"

I am having so much fun watching some of the World Cup games at Global Market. Sometimes friends meet me there.


femminismo said...

Watching, watching, watching ... finally cheering or crying. Soccer gives you enough time for dinner, talk and drinks. Have fun!

Margaret said...

And there was his thigh in red - it had to be kicked, that's all.

This reminds me of Jim Carrey's stand-up Unnatural wherein he talks about freak impulses:
"should I stick my fingers into the fan, or leave the room right now?"

. . . then the fielded chap starts writhing like he's been disemboweled, wfs.

Fresca said...

MRET: "wfs".... took me a minute to decode that.