Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fresca's 1st GIVE-AWAY!

Hello, l'astronave nation!

Now is your chance to win BIG.
Get one of these three geography books, written by moi! and dazzle your friends with FACTS!

Facts such as, "The Republic of Finland is a country in northern Europe"!
And, "The Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy."
Or, did you know, "Slovakia's average gross domestic product per person is one of the highest in central Europe"?
No? Well, I bet your friends don't either (unless they're Slovak).

[All quoted lines above are actual copyrighted material!]

Yup, copies of my geography books have finally arrived, hot off the press. (Well, they're cool now, but they do have that new book smell.)
After 15 other titles, believe me, I can't give these away.
Unless you want one!
If you do, o lucky friends, leave me a comment.
I'll put your names in a hat next week (Wednesday, August 4) and draw the winners.

You'll have to e-mail me your address if I don't have it, of course, but I promise I won't sell it to charities who will bombard you with free junk. (I've received three calendars, one T-shirt, and a Tibetan prayer flag this summer, all from charities.)
It's no problem to mail the books out of the country, if you're not in the US.

If you have a preference, let me know which title you'd like, the Netherlands, Slovakia, or Finland.
I have a few older titles too:
Bolivia, Chile, Democratic Rep. of Congo, El Salvador, Kuwait, and Yemen, if you'd like one of those. These countries still exist, so the facts you'd learn would still win you points in Trivial Pursuit.
Also let me know if you'd settle for any one, if your first choice is taken.

NOTE:I did squeeze some truly interesting facts into these books, such as the comparative value of the island of Manhattan when the Dutch bought it ($0.05 cents/acre) and now ($827,000/acre).
And, the good news that the Finns won the 2009 Wife-Carrying World Championships in Finland, after losing to Estonia for ten years.
Plus, who'd have guessed Marcus Aurelius wrote part of his famous Meditations during his down time while invading Slovakia?


ArtSparker said...

I'll put my name in the hat for one of these beauties. Facts good!

poodletail said...

Please put my name in your hat, Fresca. Do you have a favorite of your geography books? If so, that's the one I'll choose.

Clowncar said...

Me, me, me! I spew facts like a volcano spews lava. Like BP spews oil. Like Raymond Chandler spews similes.

I'll echo poodletail - I'd like one you're fond of.

Dania said...

Looks like I'm too late. That's what happens when you sleep in. I wanted the Netherlands, as I have a friend whose Dutch and I wanted to test her knowledge. I find most people know less about their own countries (me included).

Margaret said...


Fresca said...

DANIA: Not too late! I'll draw names on Weds., Aug. 4.
(Plus, turns out I have more than 1 extra copy of the Netherlands.)

femminismo said...

Me too! I don't remember too many facts, but that wife carrying thing cold earn me a reputation to be envied! Congrats on making books! What fun!

Manfred Allseasons said...

Include me in, Fresca!

The last time I was in Helsinki airport, I asked the Customs official: 'Where exactly are we, and who are all you people?'

He said: 'Argh! Do your research, Allseasons!' ....and then hit me with his hat.

This (possibly) wouldn't happen again if I could win the 'Finland by Fresca'!

Krista said...

OH, I would love one of these! Every time I'm at your house, I always think, "I really must procure a Fresca book. "Most particularly Finland, since I remember so much of you working on it, but any of them would be great.

bink said...

You know I'm in. That's a given.

T.J. said...

Ha ha ... you really crack me up! I wonder how long it took you to research each book!

Anyway, how nice of you to give some copies away. As it turns out, I have ancestors who came both from Finland and from the Netherlands, but I've never been to either country. So I'd love to win a copy of either one of those books. Maybe my first choice is Finland since I do have more Finnish blood than Dutch blood, but, really, I'd be delighted with either. Thanks for the opportunity to enter your contest!
thevanandthecart {at} gmail {dott} com

deanna said...

I'm in, for any of your books! (If I don't win one, I'll just bug you for facts sometime, but it would be fun to own a Fresca original. :o))

Beetle said...

Would love to have one!
1st choice: Finland
2nd choice: Netherlands
3rd choice: Democratic Republic of Congo
thorandellie AT gmail D0T com