Sunday, June 20, 2010

How to Add Tabs (Try out the new Blogger design options!)

Lookie! I've added a tab, up above, that opens a stand-alone page!

My sidebars had gotten so cluttered, I'd taken off all the "quotes of the moment". Now I see we can add tabs and pages to our blogs. So, I put all the old quotes back up, there.

It's super easy to make tabbed pages, but not entirely self-evident.

Here's how:

1. Click on "New Post."

3. Then click on "Edit Pages"--it's a live (blue) link, running along the top.

4. That will lead you to the option of making a "New Page." Et voila! Make one. Or ten (the limit).

I never thought I'd be dispensing computer tips, even easy ones. Maybe it's magic that came with the free T-shirt I got at the opening of a new Apple store in Uptown yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Oy! ANOTHER apple store in Uptown?! (Veriword is "cogiclea", BTW; sounds like a Greco-Roman heroine/goddess of deep thought!) I just emailedja and then, obsessively went back to looking to see if there was something for today on Astronave--and i find this gem! If I EVER start my own blog site, i will have even beyond the ultimate multi-faceted intimidation/inspiration from you, oh my captain, I will have your hardcore, applicable technical instruction--(that is, if I get around to blogging B4 the technology changes radically)! Thank you on behalf of everybody who can use this! (And, folks, she gave us this knowledge while suffering nagging jaw pain. Don'tcha think canonization is in order? I can just see some future Bink-created depiction of Cap'na Fresca emblazoned/sculpted/ labyrinthed somewhere on the Basilica...


Margaret said...



. . . changes everything!! Blogs were the Pinocchios of the web: "I wanna be a REAL website!" And now - kaBAM! Tablitures. Good-Fairy-Fresca shows us how to turn wood into flesh. IDEK; JFC.

That shirt: in "Uptown" it says this much:

Apple's logo always makes me think of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and gives me the satisfying feeling that, by adopting the bitten fruit as a symbol for our technological enterprises, we're flaunting something; like Eve looking at gGod with juice still on her chin and saying
"it tasted good. It tasted damn good."

Thanks a googleplex, F!

femminismo said...

Thanks for the tip. Doesn't it make you feel PowerFul? and yes the oil spill wave looks (almost) beautiful. If you don't know what it is it looks just perfectly lovely.

Fresca said...

STEF: Canonization, yes, definitely!

MARGET: I like Eve as a hero--brave daring curious. I just found this quote along those lines:
"I wouldn't tell myself things like, 'don't think that, don't approach that, don't explore that.' I would be Eve opening her eyes on creation for the first time. I would give myself permission to go wherever my quest took me...And it took me to some pretty surprising places." --Sue Monk Kidd

FISMO: I love seeing you playing with your blog format too!

Fresca said...

Or, as they say, WFS
(William Fucking Shatner).