Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Just got back from another trip to the dentist. All was not well (dry socket), but hopefully will be now.

Dental pain pretty much wipes the brain of thought.
So here're someone else's thoughts, tangentially related to teeth:
The Oatmeal takes a stab at describing the Twilight series: "Kinda like Dungeons and Dragons meets Anne of Green Gables."


Margaret said...

Oatmeal'll fix it.
Maybe not, but what about Jim bringing you oatmeal?

I like Harvard Lampoon's parody book Nightlight:

"About three things I was absolutely certain. First, Edwart was most likely my soul mate, maybe. Second, there was a vampire part of him -- which I assumed was wildly out of his control -- that wanted me dead. And third, I unconditionally, irrevocably, impenetrably, heterogeneously, gynecologically, and disreputably wished he had kissed me."

Lill said...

OMG -- now I don't even have to pick up this book --ever!! Or see the movie(s)!

The captcha word is mandicoq. Of course.

Sorry to hear of the "tooth hurty" setback -- and that it defied my positive prediction :(

Fresca said...

MET: If only. (Jim and oatmeal).

That parody is hilarious. Not that I've read the books, but I can imagine the sort of writing...

LILL: I know, I love when someone sums up a cultural phenomenon in 3 minutes and spares me the work of reading 500 pages, or whatever.

The set back is very common (dry socket---doesn't that sound icky)---all is well, it'll just take longer to heal.
Thankgod for ibuprofen.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Hmmm...dry sockets..what i thought might be it from your message. Sounds like a set back one could get from a vampire bite...Hope you aren't trapped in tooth-hurty for days!
This video sent me into paroxysms, cuz, in the book group that I've been dragged into--(by a musician-sistah, not by a vampire!)--we conceded to read the first of the TWILIGHT series for our June selection. I borrowed a copy of it from our next door neighbor--a wonderful, intelligent, marine biologist/artist/woman-- about 10 years younger 'n me--who is addicted to the series. I read it along with ALICE IN WONDERLAND, which we read for May's selection, in addition to the other fiction/nonfiction and poetry I can't seem to pull myself away from. TWILIGHT was god-awful. No redemption, as far as I could muster, for it. For awhile, I pretended that the author was purposeful in using a monotonous, crappy style because the narrator is an alienated teenager. I tried to open my heart mind and guts to this book, seeking some connection or resonance, and found none. I did read it through to the end and loaned it to the dear soul who arm-twisted me into joining the group. Sounds as if she and another member have far less tolerance and are seeking to rent the dvd so they doesn't haveta read beyond the first 100 pages or so. Last month at book group the sistah who is obsessed with the series and who is a bit older than me showed us all a copy of some coffee-table edition of a book on TWILIGHT SERIES and philosophy. She seemed anxious to justify her recommendation. I have the feeling that my daughters would also hate this series. They couldn't tolerate Harry Potter which, 'tho' awful, is light years better. I am intrigued only moderately by the question of who is compelled by TWILIGHT and who is not. How it cuts across age, gender, class, culture, etc. But, this vid sums up some folks' response so hilariously. Now, I'm glad I suffered through the reading.
Thanks for sharing and caring! Jeezz! the capchaword is "cultess"!



Fresca said...

STEFALALA: I am glad to have your confirmation that it's not even worth reading the book.
Thanks for suffering through it so I don't have to.

My policy:
Skip the originals (which are about as much fun as a dry socket) and watch the parodies (which are like opiates--providing relief and fun in themselves).

Yeah, Harry Potter is merely not-that-great, not actually putrid.

momo said...

My HP-loving daughter could not make it through the first Twilight book, so you have an independent teenager confirmation of their dreck status. I was secretly glad, because I did not want to have to pay for hardbacks or read them with her, which I was perfectly willing to do with HP.

I hope there is a remedy for the tooth pain in the long run!

Fresca said...

MOMO: I always say, I'm pretty sure I'd have loved HP when I was a kid; now I just love Alan Rickman.

The tooth pain is, I'm afraid, a matter of the long run.

Dania said...

I'm almost ashamed to say it, but I did enjoy the two Twilight movies. As I'm over 18, I waited for them to come out on DVD and have not read the books. The video clip probably does explain why I was entertained by the movies.

I love Alan Rickman too!

Fresca said...

DANIA: Well, you are not alone!
I love stuff that comforts me or gives me dream material even if I don't think it's "high quality".
Case in point: William Shatner!