Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Terrier at Sea

Annika sent me this photo she snapped at the Museum of Natural History in Helsinki, Finland (she was there for work). It's from a temporary exhibit, Animals at Sea.

Annika wrote, "I wish I could remember more about the dog, but all I know is that he was called Nisse and accompanied his Swedish owner (officer in the navy? Or the merchant fleet?) at work for many years. The uniform is from the 1910s, if I remember correctly."
After the past couple weeks of dental pain, drugs, hives, and more, stronger drugs, plus hours and hours online trying to grok the nature of current communications, I ended up feeling knocked off my feet, emotionally and physically.

I spent the last couple days--in blessedly beautiful weather--reading books.
What a relief.
Nothing jumped out at me; nothing swept me off into branching and re-branching channels; it was just plain old one word in front of another. (Fascinating, challenging stuff, about the Iroquois, but physically non-invasive.)
I feel restored to my self.

And this picture makes me feel right spry and sparkly again.
Woof, woof!


Manfred Allseasons said...

There aren't enough dogs in uniform these days...there's this Swedish chap, Admiral Rags of the Japanese Navy...then you are hard pressed to list more...ok, Police Chief Mr Cloppy of the Toronto Police Department, but he was a horse, and usually in civvies.....

Clowncar said...

books and a summer breeze are a great tonic. I spent my downtime reading a very odd faux-memior of the 1986 alien invasion of Russia. with the window open.

Margaret said...

gGod bless OWIFOA (One Word In Front Of Another).

(The dog's little skull!)

Glad you've been re-sparklied.