Saturday, June 5, 2010

Red Wall, Night


yvette said...

greet from the Netherlands!

Ginga Squid said...

Brilliant series! Seemed to coincide with the times here in NZ?

The Crow said...

Ooooh! I think this is the most revealing of all - the shadowed person within, perhaps.

Brava, Fresca! Brava for putting yourself and your art out here for us to see, to contemplate, to wonder at, and to enjoy.

Like GS said above, brilliant series.

storybystory said...

These are amazing. I especially love how each pose evokes the time of day, and how the little details in each (your body's echo of the waves in the only shot in which they're visible, Evening's introspection, the transition of color to the cover of the book) informs the entire set, making them a tone poem. Really, really lovely.

momo said...

Red wall at night, blogger's delight.

Margaret said...

AAAAHHHhhhhhhh!! Love these!
I begin to think all nights are enclosed in this black-red.

My brain set a funny context around this one:
I feel like:
I was crawling up a tunnel, which lead to a cave, above whose stony floor I emerged my head, where you were reading, and now you're like

"wtf im reading",

and I'm like


*slowly lowers self back into tunnel from whence came*

As they say: CANNOT UNSEE; only in this case, it's CANNOT UN-IMAGINE.

Is that moon-luminance or some other light? It looks like it's from the moon.

Red Wall, Earlier Morning!!

. . . err, I mean: get some sleep, kid!


Manfred Allseasons said...

> Plink!!!<

(Monocle falling into Brandy balloon...)

Fresca said...

Greetings, YVETTE!

GINGA: I think we're about 20 hours apart, so that puts us in close to the same light-changes.

CROW: Thanks for your support. In fact, it did take some warrior energy on my part to post this series, as you can imagine.

STORY: Thanks! Having these called a "tone poem" means a lot, coming from a real poet!

MOMO: : )

MARGARET: Your comments on this series have been so great!
The light here is coming from the very bright light of the apartment buildling next door. It's enough to illuminate the cover of the book, but I could not see the pages at all.
I like that, somehow, though it's not evident in the photo.

MANFRED: Hey, you with the iPhone!
Want to take up the challenge?

LEE: Photography is all about light, which almost seems to be a spiritual force to me.

bink said...

Manfred says it best! LOL!

Jennifer said...

I was actually just lecturing this week about light and its effects to my students, the way different light can transform a scene...if I had seen this series perhaps I would have used them as an example. :D Somehow the red wall and the contrast with pale flesh, and how the colors and contrast change over the's very lovely. Each picture has its own mood that fits the light and the time. Gorgeous.