Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I took all the Frindian books back to the library yesterday (and was relieved I'd only racked up $15.30 in fines).
Abracadabra! They had turned into a 23-page manuscript.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Congrats, you guerilla-scholar, you! You look amazed, satisfied and energetic--maybe the work in progress and this wrapping up phase are good ways to channel anger and frustration. Veriword is "redne" which is 5/7 of redneck, which through politically incorrect and historical resonances associates with the Frindian war topic... I have an incredible Frindian theme coinkidink tidbit to share with you when you're up for a chat or to receive another connection electronically. I'm accomplishing some of my stuff, so have to go now.
Love and Hugs!

Fresca said...

Do your stuff, Stef, but yes, let's schedule a trek to Steeple People soon!

The Crow said...

Brava, brava! An amazing feat of legerdemain - especially to those of us who couldn't write our way out of paper bags!

Congratulations on a job well done, Fresca.