Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hot Flashes

Fresca: "Turn down the thermostat, HAL."

HAL: "I'm sorry, Fresca:The way menopause is affecting my body reminds me of HAL 9000, the computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Not as scary, but a definite reminder that it's not my consciousness that's in charge of this space suit.


Margaret said...

Linking hot flashes to 2001 = why your brain is THISworthy.

(will be back in 2040 to leave proper comment)

Fresca said...

MEG: I have this amazing image of you in thirty years thinking, Oh! HAL is messing with my thermometer, just like Fresca said all those years ago.

Let's see... I'll be 79 (godwilling)--you can drop me a note, in whatever communications technology we are employing then (godwilling, again)!

Margaret said...

I wonder if blogs will be around.
First there were logs, then blogs, next . . . iblogs?
Or we could go back to logs. That would be nice, too.

I'm having trouble imagining myself at 49 or you at 79. I'm told on good authority that this is the direction we head, but there's no way Time doesn't bend; or break; or at least TAKE a break.
It doesn't; it's as indefatigable as Life, but without the cackling.

Bill will be 109.

The Crow said...

Iced mint tea helped me through the meno stages. Didn't regulate anything, but made me feel better to drink it. Lots of ice - and a dash of rum, every now and, meaning first thing in the morning; then, meaning then again around lunch time, and then again at bed time.

I doesn't last forever, but it damned well feels like it's gonna!

Fresca said...

CROW: Would gin work too?

Lill said...

Not so much fun as the rum remedy, but I've found that carrying a folding fan in my purse is very helpful. It beats looking desperately around for something, anything, with which to fan one's face, NOW, before one explodes in a fiery flame.