Monday, May 17, 2010

Wisconsin Road Trip I

bink & Fresca, On the Road

[P.S. The fourth picture down is of the antlers of a huge fiberglass orange moose]


ArtSparker said...

What! Who let you out?

Finished, or just taking a break?

By the way, my nephew informs that waves have totally kicked the a@#!s of particles, quantum mechanically speaking. Although I have no understanding whatsoever of quantum mechanics, it makes me happy as a metaphor.

Fresca said...

I sunk out, AWOL, leaving my work undone. (Due June 1.)

Yeah, waves!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Waves/particles/aves/articles...I see that the due date for your ms is 1 i'll wait to hear/see from u til sometime after then. I see I merged your roadtrip posts in my comment; mind was ajumble late last night and didn't read carefully. Other associations: Thelma and Louise, Through A Glass Brightly, Wild Strawberries, anyone (apres the A & W feast!)? Thought the orange antlers might've been a mega-mutant kelp form that crept up from the poor Gulf to the Heartland. You made me wanna visit Milwaukee, a city i have never visited, what with your wondrous camerart. happy trails: asphalt, ink, cyber, waves and particles or whatever.