Monday, May 31, 2010

Unusable Research Results

I'm starting to look into my next project, on the History of Communication.
I thought I might put some of the fun stuff I can't use here.
The book's for middle-schoolers, and I want to make it as fun and juicy as possible.
But of course it can't be all that juicy, or school librarians won't buy it.

It certainly won't mention porn, for instance, even though that's been an impetus behind Communication since people first scratched pictures on cave walls (except we call them "fertility symbols");
but if I could, I would love to incorporate this profound-in-a-silly-way song, "The Internet Is for Porn."

Originally sung by a puppet named Trekkie Monster in Avenue Q, the adult take-off on/homage to Sesame Street.

This is one of the best remixes of the song I've seen, set to Star Trek: Voyager, the only Star Trek spin-off I liked much, because of Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew).

Thanks K & J, for suggesting this song as the answer to my question, "What's the role of porn, online?"

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