Friday, May 7, 2010

People Reading in Bed

Following up on my Tribe of Readers post; inspired by a round-up of people reading, depicted in art: o silêncio dos livros , via Art Sparker via Cláudia (thanks!).

Most of these aren't exactly real life, but I still like them.

Bed and Board (Domicile Conjugal, 1970), Jean-Pierre Léaud) and Claude Jade

Tomb of Eleanor of Aquitaine (and husband Henry II), 1204--Good News, indeed: we get to read when we're dead.

Lee Miller and Tanja Ramm, by Theodore Miller

Scenes From a Marriage (1973), Liv Ullmann and Erland Josephson

William Shatner. OK, he's not in bed, and it seems he's studying his script so that's work, not pleasure; but anyway, he's on his back.

Me! This past winter.


Margaret said...

The Summer Book, read with hand warmers.

I love that picture of Bill. It seems to have been taken along the same silly lines as Nabokov's car shot.

Eleanor of Aquitaine! You've probably seen "The Lion in Winter" w/ Katharine Hepburn?
(She looks like she's just fallen asleep while reading - that's a pleasant way to go.)

Fresca said...

I have seen Lion in Winter--it's where I got half my English history!

When I look at a photo of Bill, I always ask myself, "Where was the camera?" which is surely what he asks himself... all the time.

Margaret said...

(This is the sound a Laugh makes when it bursts into the room without knocking.)
Good thing there was nothing in my mouth to choke on at "....all the time".