Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Done! Done! Done!

SQUEEeeeeeeeal ! ! !
I just (just NOW!) finished the first draft of the Frindian War!

That means I've got hours and hours of work left to do, cleaning it all up, but basically, it's all in place.
I got George Washington into the war, out the other side, and then sent him off to lead the American Revolution.
And that's another book, which is not my problem.

I am out of here: going to get a celebratory beer with Laura.

"Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On)"
Alison Krauss and Robert Plant (cover of the Everly Bros.)


Margaret said...


. . . . .calls for gelato.

Or at least that's my chosen excuse, (not that one is needed).


Maybe I'll see Frindi wandering the streets alone.

bink said...

And I finished my Nicky (graphic novel) sample on the same day! I even got the PDF off to my author before midnight. WHEEEEEEEE!!!! is right!

deanna said...

That's a catchy tune.
Not really commenting...;o)...just letting you know I'm happy for you! Yay!

Fresca said...

Now let's just see how long it takes me to do that last little bit of clean up... : )

momo said...

wooty woot woot! congratulations to you AND bink for your accomplishments!