Monday, May 3, 2010

Bacon, Cat food, Marshmallows, Sardines

= suggested bait to trap a raccoon

A friend of a friend has kindly lent me a live trap to try to catch the Cat Who Shall Be Referred to as Henry Rollins.
What have I gotten myself into?
Seems I run the risk of catching an armadillo!

I really don't want to do ANY of this cat trapping stuff.
The feral pet situation feels like Iraq:
the messy fallout of a series of fucked-up, careless decisions on the part of a whole bunch of us stupid humans, going way back.
And now it's my problem.
Well. OK, then.

Please send sardines.


deanna said...

What a start to your week. Thanks for the update on the cat adventure. I hope things turn out as well as they did for the cats mentioned in last post's comments.

Lill said...

Remember you are getting heaven entrance points for this good deed. It may help you be less frustrated.

There are several helpful suggestions online for trapping a cat (search how to trap a cat). I was curious because I have trapped raccoons and squirrels before, but not cats.
After thinking about cats it seemed to me you would indeed get a raccoon instead. Here in Chicago they are hardly afraid of people at all and will eat anything.

I wish you luck in getting CWSBRHR.

Fresca said...

Hi, Deanna.

Thanks, Lill. CWSBRHR thanks you too (I hope...).
It is a bit wearying, trying to decide how to proceed. I will search on line for tips, per your suggestion.

Raccoons here are not terribly bold, but I have seen them scuttling along the streets at night. Very impressive!

Clowncar said...

Do you really need to trap Mr. Rollins (as opposed to more cans of tuna left on the porch)? Is neutering and health the issue?

Margaret said...

You don't look particularly reassured in the photo - and no wonder: an armadillo!

Upon looking up "pet aramdillo" on the omniscient Google:

"Although [armadillos] have been kept as pets in the past, the reviews are mixed — some people like them, others find the odor and habits of the animal to be unpleasant. In some parts of South America, they are kept as pets — pets which are occasionally eaten."

I love the mildness of the language: "reviews are mixed", "unpleasant", followed by "pets which are occasionally eaten".

Oh, and the last paragraph begins with:
"If you are still sure that you want a pet armadillo. . . ."

Maybe try putting "I Can't Get Behind That" on repeat at a low volume near the cage to selectively attract HR.

Good luck, Fresca!

Fresca said...

Clown: Yes, that's it: neutering especially, because endless litters of kitties just perpetuates the cycle of animals that aren't evolved to survive here, in the cold (unlike raccoons).

I feel quite tossed about, reading and talking with people about stray/feral cats, because it's an emotional issue and people express strong opinions about what's Right or Wrong.

M'GET: That's funny!
I don't want an armadillo for a pet, I want a capybara (also "occasionally eaten"). I don't think armadillos look very edible.

Actually, I'm not really a pet person at all, which is one reason I'm finding this all so... unreassuring!