Monday, April 12, 2010

Show me the monkey.

"The great humorists were people who had been driven to despair and anger by the conduct of mankind.
In this respect, I am one of those people."

--Stanislaw Lem, (left, Polish author of Solaris, etc.)
from "Chance and Order", The New Yorker 59 (January 30, 1984) 88-98.

Mm. Yes. Very wise, very profound... But I WANT THAT SPACE MONKEY!


rr said...

Hahahahaha. QED.

Fresca said...


Margaret said...

The author of Solaris was a great humorist, too? Well, there you have it.


momo said...

I know this was made to sell cars, but I love the sock monkey in this TV ad:

ArtSparker said...

One can scarcely blame you.

Fresca said...

M'GET: Not that I noticed any humor in "Solaris" did you?
Maybe in the novel? (In fact, I just got it from the library. Humor report forwithcoming.)

MOMO: You showed me a monkey! Bless you.
I love how the toys swagger into Vegas like Clooney & Co. in the Ocean's movies.

ARTS: I know: It's too too adorable!

Clowncar said...

I will loan you my Curious George, Space Monkey Christmas ornament to ease your space monkey yearnings. But I'll need it back by December....

Fresca said...

Why, thank you!
Maybe post a picture of your monkey?

Lee said...

seek the space monkey within

Margaret said...

You mentioned that moment when Kelvin has to cut open Hari's dress because he never paid attention to how it was undone in "real" life. I think that's the closest it ever got to Funny. The Lithuanian twin isn't so hammishly laughable as his Canadian Bacon counterpart.

Ooooh! Do let me know what you think of the book when you're done, F'SCA! (Love these abbrevs.)

Fresca said...

LEE: My inner monkey is a Sea Monkey--remember them, for sale in the back of comic books?

M'GET: Report from Page 29:
No humor yet, and none in sight.

I am annoyed that the only copies of the book in the library have George Clooney kissing someone on the front.
Disconcerting--I may have to cover it up.
I want a picture of the Lithuanian Twin!

Margaret said...

George Clooney! That's misleading.
Not to say there's anything wrong with Clooney, but what does he have to do with the novel?
This is like the new Wuthering Heights cover that bears the same design as the Twilight saga and a.....well, see for yourself:

Is this the cover with the inspired subtitle: "How far will you go for a second chance?"? I think I've seen it.

Fresca said...

Clooney was in the recent remake of Solaris---I haven't seen it and have a hard time making myself want to, though several people have told me it's good...

The putrid line "How far will you go" is mercifully missing.

That Wuthering Heights cover is an inspired marketing move!
I never could get through that novel. Maybe I should try again.