Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rain: Night and Day

Distant thunder woke me up in the dark of the early morning, so I grabbed my movie camera. It was still raining when I got up a few hours later. Rain is a good thing.

[Be sure to move the cursor off the movie screen to make the menu bar go away (so you can see the title).]

"Rain: Night and Day" (25 sec.)


deanna said...

Thunderstorms are fairly rare here, and so we turn off electronic devices and gather at the window to watch and listen. Thanks for the lovely sights and sounds.

ArtSparker said...

Lightning digitizes very nicely.

Margaret said...

Watched (once, twice). Liked. Thought I should watch once more to be sure.
On the third watch, noticed how the mysterious taxi turned into a chipper school bus by morning. Was reminded of the bone turning into the spacecraft in 2001.
Am guessing this was orchestrated by you, Fresca?

If yes: how clever, clever. Bloody simple-clever.

If no: Life the Artist, the Unpredictable, the Cackling, the Effortless strikes again!

Either way - kewl.

Fresca said...

DEANNA: Growing up, I never realized that thunderstorms were a specific phenomenon.
It never occurred to me they didn't happen everywhere until a friend from the East Coast got so excited about them as a new thing to her.
What the film doesn't catch is their wonderful electrical odor.

SPARKER: The lightning was disappointingly distant, so not as dramatic as it might have been.

MARGARET: Oh, you discerning viewer, you!
Thank you for catching that the nighttime taxi turns into a morning school bus.

I think of an interview with filmmaker with Agnes Varda:
someone commented that the lyrics of a song in the background seemed to match the underlying mood of a character who is looking in the mirror:
Was that on purpose.

She replied that nothing on film is an accident: nothing is there "naturally." The director, the music scorer, et al. have to make decisions about every single thing.

But I agree with you--the Unpredictable has its hand in everything. Yes, let us call her the Cackling!

bink said...

Too bad you didn't catch the power going off...

poodletail said...

Everything about this movie makes me happy.

Fresca said...

BINK: Yes, the lightning would have stood out so much more against a truly dark sky.

POODLE: And that makes ME happy.
I do like this little flick.

Jennifer said...

Oh, that flash of lightning outlining everything for a second! Gorgeous!