Saturday, April 10, 2010

People are sick puppies.

And I say that with all due respect.

FAR LEFT: Hannah Duston clutching Indian scalps;
Jim Beam commemorative bottle (1973-1976)

NEAR LEFT: Hannah Duston Bobblehead Sparks Controversy (2008)

Thanks to ORSINO for the heads-up about the Jim Beam bottle.

I wrote about how Anglo-American Duston and her kidnapped companions killed and scalped their Indian captors in 1697 here: Savages.


Margaret said...

Do I read
"Heroine of 1697" on the plaque?

Dear, dear me.

bink said...

The bobble-head looks like a tribute to Lizzie Borden. Only it should read: Revenge on Mother.

If Hannah had only killed the man who killed her baby, then I could at least understand thinking her heroic. But killing a whole sleeping family... including children?
That's just sick revenge.

Even sicker is the mind that envisioned her as a bobble-head sales item (at least she had the excuse of being crazed with grief and fear).

Fresca said...

Yes, it's really odd to me not that Duston or anybody else should do violent acts (especially if provoked) but that we should turn them into toys...