Saturday, April 17, 2010

"Begin Afresh"

Every spring the trees remind me of this poem; this year, today,
the young elm tree off my second-story porch.

"The Trees", by Philip Larkin (53 sec.)

(Above link to the poem on Jeanette Winterson's site. I agree with her: Larkin isn't my favorite poet either, but this poem is just right.)

Larkin reads "The Trees".


bink said...


My verification word is hyperso--sort of the opposite of your calming reading... but fitting for my day.

Margaret said...

afresh afresh afresh

Nothing more substantial to
say than I
like this.

(....except that it reminds me of the opening of Solaris, with the kelp cords 'neath the water, and the tall green grass.)

Dania said...

That was really beautiful, Fresca. Loved the photography and the poem fit perfect.

Fresca said...

Thanks, all!

M'GET: I'd forgotten that wonderful waving seaweed, but maybe it was subconsciously influencing me...

I'm reading "Solaris" slowly-- and savoring it. It's good. Very like the movie so far--I think they go well together (not always the case).