Thursday, April 15, 2010

Are you doing what I'm doing?

April 15 = Tax Day in the United States

(NOTE: None of these books is stolen property.)


Dania said...

I used to do my own taxes, but after a while realized the amount of time and stress it caused me (and my own lack of knowledge) was a far greater cost than paying someone else to do it.

Margaret said...

No fun, no fun a'tall. At least you have the consolation of that most tasteful desktop photo.

Someone informed me this morning that I actually DO have to pay taxes this year, (I had wondered what that outlandish "W2" form was for....) I shall consider this obligatory tribute the government's formal recognition that I exist.

P.S. - the pen: are you south pawed, too, Fresca?

Annika said...

This year I have to do my Danish tax for the first time. The Swedish is actually self-explanatory unless you run your own business or have been up to something unusual over the year, but the Danish is less transparent. The deadline isn't until July, but I'm planning to get it done in the weekend since there's no point in putting it off.


The background on your laptop is cheering, though.

Fresca said...

Hey, all!

When I went to Kinko's to Xerox my returns, half the place was also copying theirs---and at the post office, everyone was dropping off these same large envelopes!

MARGARET: I'm right handed: perhaps we are mirror images! (From different time frames.)
I was entering numbers on the onscreen calculator---just draping my left hand over my arm.

Yes, my Kirk screensaver always cheers me up.