Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blue Fool

This makes me happy.
Seems some others agree with me that Avatar needed some comic relief.

Blue Mr. Bean, from a round-up of avatards painting people blue: Avatardation,
via The Website @ the End of the Universe


bink said...


Avatar would have been a much better movie if Mr. Bean had starred.

femminismo said...

Not too sure about the dude or dudess hosting the Avatardation site but thanks for turning me on to End of the Universe!

Fresca said...

I didn't care about the others on that site, just Mr Bean (since there didn't seem to be a William Shatner Avatar...)

End of the U is just one of this amazing crop of sci-fi-ish blogs I've stumbled onto.

The Crow said...

I can't stop laughing - a great way to start my day. Thank you, Fresca!


deanna said...

Waahaa! Awesome. Wonderful. So are the rest of your posts I'm catching up on. Can't wait to learn more about the F&I War, even though it will be sad. All the best as you go through it.